7 things you must see/experience when you’re in Stockholm!


If it’s your first time in Stockholm there are some places you just have to visit. This article sums up 7 of those ”must-see” places in Stockholm:

Vasa museet

Vasa museet is a maritime museum and it displays the only fully intact 17th century ship that has been salvaged. The warship Vasa was supposed to be a huge success for the king of Sweden at the time, but turned out to be a huge fiasco. The warship sank just couple of 100 meters outside the harbor, after it first launched. Everyone wanted to forget this fiasco and it took 333 years for it to get salvaged. The ship and it’s story is very famous and over 1 million people visit the museum every year.

Gamla stan

Gamla Stan (Old Town) is one of Europe’s best preserved and largest city center existing since the middle ages. Stockholm was actually founded at this very spot in 1252. The small cobbled alleys surrounded by building in different shades of yellow, gives it a unique character. If you want to find art crafts, souvenirs and other stuff, you should really visit Gamla stan.

Kungliga slottet

Kungliga Slottet is the official home of the Swedish royal family and one of Europe’s largest castles. The castle have 7 floors and more than 600 rooms in total. There are a couple of them that nowadays are used as museums, such as an armory room with clothes and armor from ancient times.


Kungträdgården (The king’s garden in English) is a beautiful park located in the city center of Stockholm. It’s a very popular hangout spot in Stockholm, and a lot of outdoor cafés are located here. During the summer this is a spot for a lot of open-air concerts and during the winter they have an outdoors iceskating rink. There are a lot of hotels close to Kungsträdgården and the city center. You can find the best prices of hotels in Stockholm on Hotelspecials.

Stockholms skärgård

The Stockholm archipelago is the second largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. It’s famous for its beautiful nature and many islands. By boat you can go to fantastic little beaches where you can swim, different spa locations and much more. Make sure to don’t miss the picturesque fish restaurants that the islands has to offer.


Skansen is located on the island called Djurgården, and it was the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden. It was founded in 1891 to show how people lived in different areas in Sweden before the industrial era. It’s nowadays a very popular place to go, especially for kids and 1,3 million people visit it each year.

Abba museet

The huge icon musicgroup ABBA took the world by storm during the 70s and 80s. At ABBA The Museum you will of course find some of the members stageclothes, gold records, original lyrics an much more. However, The ABBA Museum is much more than an ordinary museum, it’s all about the feeling and experience. You can get the chance to be ”the fifth member” of the band, by 3D technology and other amazing tricks.

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