Accommodation in Europe – What Are My Options?

There are more options than you think when it comes to accommodation in Europe. You do not have to instantly opt for a hotel; there are more options. Here are ten options you may choose. Use the search box on this page to make sure you get a safe, secure and affordable stay on your Europe vacation!

1 – Hostels in Europe

They may seem like they are for the younger generation, but that is mainly because they are cheap and most younger people do not have much money. You can choose a hostel if you do not mind being close to your fellow man (or woman).

2 – Europe Hotel 

A hotel knows that you are there on holiday or business and they are able to accommodate your less basic needs. A hostel is somewhere where you get a roof, a bed and a shared bathroom. With a hotel, you get a few more comforts and luxuries.

3 – Expensive hotel

This is where the basics are covered, and where you get a few luxuries too. You get a little more out of the staff and more out of the room and services available to you. How much you get will often depend on how much money you are willing to spend.

4 – Budget hotel or a B&B

They are no thrills experiences, but are often more private and comfortable than a hostel. They are often family-run businesses or smaller businesses that are not able to advertise on a wide scale. Conditions vary, for example, some do not have wheelchair access, some have shared bathrooms, etc.

5 – Rent a cabin or cottage

This is a self-catering option that may be better and cheaper if you are staying for a longer time. It is also more private and there are no time restrictions and such for when people may come and go.

6 – House swap

This is not so uncommon. Two families swap houses in different countries. It allows the families to have a holiday without having to spend a lot of money on accommodation.

7 – Rent a house or apartment

You can rent a house or apartment in the part of the holiday destination. A short-term contract may be suitable if the landlord is willing. It is a lot of hassle, but if you are going for a long time, then it may be suitable.

8 – Caravan

This is a great idea if you are going to a very tourist heavy place. They are often very affordable, and you get most of the comforts of home. There are some places that do very well with caravan site accommodation and thrive on the tourists it brings in.

9 – Camping/ Tent

Take your tent to a camping ground, or take your own caravan to a camping ground. There are few luxuries, and you are “roughing” it a little, but it can be fun, and with the right weather may be fantastic.

10 – Stay with a family member or friend

If you have family or friends in other countries, then you should go to their house for a holiday. They can stay at yours when they come up and visit your country. Staying with family and friends is often easier and more fun than many other options you have available to you.

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