The High Coast offers good opportunities for great accommodations:

  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Cabins (called “Stugor” in Swedish)

On this page we list some good options for you during your stay in the High Coast.

We recommend that you use the search box on this site to get the best price on a good accommodation in the High Coast! The closest cities are Härnösand, Kramfors, Örnsköldsvik, and Sundsvall – you can find comfortable hotels with good standard here. The villages around the High Coast also supply a range of options, including hostels and cabins in different price range. The top pick in the area is probably Hotell Höga Kusten (High Coast Hotel), which is located at the northern end of the mighty High Coast Bridge. It is an excellent choice with good comfort, a restaurant, great view over the bridge and very close to most tourist attractions in the area.

Another option is Good Morning Hotel in Sundsvall. Sundsvall is the largest city near the High Coast area, about 1 hour drive south from the most common tourist attractions. Good Morning Hotel is located on a ship, which has been converted to a comfortable hotel, next to the road that leads further north. During your stay here, you can also enjoy the benefits of the old “stone city” of Sundsvall, and the pleasures of city life.

Another option, in the middle of the High Coast is Dockstabaren. It is located near a gas station and restaurant next to the main road “E4”, just a few minutes drive south of Skuleberget / Skule mountain. Here you can enjoy the benefits of the small village, and make daily tours to the nearby attractions.

Most locations require a car or similar mode of transport to ensure the most smooth experience during your stay in the High Coast area. Cars can be rented in the nearby cities if you do not have your own.

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