Edinburgh: The Two Towers

In the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, you will find several interesting monuments and old buildings, especially in the area around old town. In this post we focus on two towers within walking distant from old town and each other: The Scott Monument and the Nelson Monument.

The Scott Monument

Scott Monument

If you arrive in Edinburgh by tram from the airport, chances are that the first thing you will see is the Scott Monument in the Princes Street Gardens (near the tram stop). Often accompanied by the sounds of bag pipes, this monument is dedicated to the memory of the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott. The tower is over 60 meters high and can be accessed through one of the pillars. The admission fee is 5 pounds. Spiral stair cases lead up to several platforms which give you a panoramic view over Edinburgh. A total of 287 steps take you all the way to the top. The Scott Monument is a physical as well as a social challenge, since the stairs are narrow, which means you have to adapt and hug the wall when passing someone going in the opposite direction. The Scott Monument’s Victorian Gothic design received mixed reviews when it was completed in 1844.

The Nelson Monument

Nelson Monument

The Nelson Monument is located on top of Calton Hill, east of Princes Street Gardens. Calton Hill consists of several other monuments as well, and is a must when you visit Edinburgh! The Nelson Monument is dedicated to Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson who participated in the battle of Trafalgar, which was won, but left Nelson severely injured, which led to his death. The monument, built between 1807-1815, is over 30 meters high and you access the top by a staircase that consists of 143 steps. As with The Scott Monument, you can access the Nelson Monument for 5 pounds.

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