Explore the hidden gems of Corfu – The capital of the Ionian Sea


Photo: Alexander Waltner.

Corfu is a Greek island filled with natural gems and traditional cozy villages with Venetian architecture. The island is one of the most popular in Greece and attracts lots of tourists every year. There are lots of spectacular places on Corfu, and the rugged coastline is full of hidden pearls and picturesque villages. This article is a mini travel guide where we will share some of the best places on Corfu, and how to get there.

1. Porto Timoni

A twin paradise beach at the end of the northern coast with crystal clear water and serene atmosphere. Few people know about this place, and even fewer make their way to get there. Porto Timoni is the perfect place to spend the day at a secluded paradise beach.

How to get there?

The easiest way is just to rent a car or scooter. It’s about 1 hour from Corfu Town, and 30 minutes from Palaiokastritsa. When you arrive at Porto Timoni, it’s about 10 minutes hiking along a trail down to the beach.

2. Lefkimi

Lefkimi is the second largest city on Corfu Island, but you will find no signs of tourism here. What you will find is instead a real Greek village with a picturesque canal that resemble Venice in Italy. The Venetian architecture combined with a beautiful canal that runs through the town make this into a romantic get away.

How to get there?

Buses run every hour from Corfu Town and resorts in the southern part of the island. Otherwise it’s easy to get there by rental car.

3. Palaiokastritsa

A beautiful village in the mountains on the western coast. Here you will find an excellent beach bar named La Grotto and a beautiful bay with nice sand and crystal clear water.

How to get there?

Well, there are buses from Corfu town to Palaiokastritsa. However, they don’t run frequently. The best option is to rent a car or scooter or simply stay at a hotel in Palaiokastritsa.

4. Kerkyra

Also known as Corfu Town. A beautiful city with a charming old part where one could sip on a “Frappe” or eat some Greek Food, such as souvlaki or Tzatziki. It’s perfect to go here on a day trip and explore what this ancient city has to offer. Stay late and enjoy the Greek nightlife or take a stroll along the harbor.

How to get here?

Corfu town is the island’s capital, so it’s connected to nearly every village by bus. However, to some parts the buses don’t run frequently, so a taxi or rental car might be a better idea.

5. Saranda

This city is actually not located in Corfu, or even in Greece. Saranda is an Albanian resort town, which is only a 30 minutes boat ride from Corfu Town. Here you will find sandy paradise beaches and get the chance to explore what Albania has to offer.

How to get there?

Buy a boat ticket at the main port in Corfu Town. It costs about 20 euros and the journey takes 30 minutes. The last boat back to Corfu is departing at 16:30, so plenty of time to enjoy Saranda!

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