Guitars – The Museum

Guitars The Museum

In northern Sweden in the city of Umeå you will find one of the finest collection of electric guitars in the world. We are talking about Guitars – The Museum. Guitars – The Museum was established in central Umeå in 2014. The collection mainly consists of guitars from the 1950’s and 1960’s that was collected by the brothers Åhdén in the 1970’s and onwards.

Guitars – The Museum

The guitar museum started as a private collection of the brothers Samuel and Michael Åhdén. In a small town outside Umeå (Vännäsby), they slowly built their collection from basically nothing. When you join the guided tour (see below), the guide will tell you all about the brothers’ way to creating one of the worlds finest collection of guitars, which includes interesting anecdotes and characters, such as ‘the Greek’. We really recommend participating in the guided tour, even if you are not a guitar fan. In the museum you will find guitars that all have their own story to tell. In addition, you will be thrown into a world that has recreated the atmosphere of the times when the first electric guitars were born. Guitars – The Museum hosts no less than 51 bender-equipped guitars, and the brothers Åhdén will gladly share the StringBender story with the audience.

The entrance fee is SEK 150 (100 for students). The museum is open Monday – Friday 12:00 – 18:00. Saturday 12-16. There are two guided tours per day; 13:00 and 15:00. If there are non-Swedish speaking visitors in the crowd, the tour can be held in English. The tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

Guitars The Museum 2

How to get to Umeå:

  • Flight to Umeå Airport (~1h from Stockholm Arlanda / Helsinki Airport).
  • Train from Stockholm (6 hours).
  • Car, E4 from Stockholm.
  • The museum is located near Vasaplan (address: Skolgatan 59, Umeå), just a 3 minute walk from where most of the local buses stop.

For accommodation, search or copypaste “Umeå” in the searchbox on this site, to ensure you will recieve the best price!

Visit the official site for Guitars – The Museum for more information.

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