High Coast Sweden

High Coast Sweden

In the middle of Sweden’s eastern coast, towards the Gulf of Bothnia, lies the High Coast. It is an area shaped by 10 000 years of land rising. After the last ice age, the area that was covered by ice now rises about 1 centimeter each year. This has created a hilly landscape with a beautiful scenery. Since 2000 the High Coast is a World Heritage. It is now a popular tourist attraction for those who likes to hike, climb or just enjoy the beautiful nature. Below we give some tips of what to do and see when visiting the High Coast.

Skule mountain

Next to the main road of Sweden (E4) lies the Skule Mountain. It rises almost 300 meters above the sea. Here, you can start your High Coast adventure by choosing a way of getting to the top of the mountain. There are three ways: You can walk, take the ski lift, or climb Via Ferrata. We especially recommends the later, taking a climb on the mountain side. There are four different climbing routes to choose from, each with a different difficulty. The easiest route, labeled “white”, can be done by pretty much anyone while the toughest, “black” requires some arm strength and  not being scared of heights. You can rent safety equipment at the spot.

High Coast Bridge

The High Coast Bridge was built in 1997, inspired by the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge. If you are going to the High Coast by car, you will probably pass the bridge. It is a beautiful piece of construction and at the end of its northern part there is a hotel where you can stop for some food, or why not spend a night or two? The view from the area near the bridge is spectacular.

Slåttdal Crevice

For those of you who like to hike, you should definitely visit the Slåttdal Crevice. It is a 200 meters long and 30 meters wide crevice that has split one of the mountains of the High Coast in two. It is accessible from a number of paths, the closest being “entré syd”, next to Skule Mountain. Once you have reached the end of the road, there is a 3 kilometer hike. Don’t forget to bring some water and snacks. From the mountain at the crevice you have a view over the High Coast archipelago. The Crevice is probably the most popular part of the 130 km long High Coast Trail that goes from High Coast Bridge to the city of Örnsköldsvik (home town of famous Swedish hockey players like Peter Forsberg and the Sedin brothers).


Rotsidan is a 4 kilometer long part of the coast line that consists of cliffs that have been polished by the sea. It is a popular sunbathing place warm summer days but is also worth visits all year around. A stormy day the ocean keeps polishing the rocks. You can reach Rotsidan by going of the road north of the High Coast Bridge and follow a tourist route marked with brown signs. From the parking there is a small walk to the cliffs. There are toilets at the parking lot, but no food services, so if you plan to spend the day here, don’t forget to bring something to eat!

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