INmusic Festival: The Eastern European Version Of Woodstock

First held in 2006, INmusic Festival might look relatively new on the European scene. However, it has immediately become Croatia’s largest festival in open air. It is not open to Croatians only, but to the entire world. The festival is held on a yearly basis in June. In 2015, it starts on June 22nd and ends on June 24th.

Overview on INmusic Festival 2015

INmusic Festival is held over two or three days. It is mostly recommended to fans of heavy metal, indie rock and electronic music. Given the atmosphere on site, all kinds of music fans show up every year, whether or not they like the respective genre. What really draws their attention is the feeling of freedom and music. In 2008, this festival has gained international notoriety. It was featured in The Times and mentioned among the best rated European festivals during the summertime. Since then, it hosts international tourists from all over the world.

The Music and Entertainment

INmusic Festival floats around music. Only seven artists performed in 2006. The list got to a few dozen artists by now. In 2015, the atmosphere will be maintained by names like Placebo, Franz Ferdinand & Sparks, La Roux, Mike Skinner, Florence + The Machine, Paolo Nutini and Rudimental, among dozens of other brands.

Not all concerts will be held on the same scene though. Fans should figure where their favorite music will play and get there. Luckily, the scenes are pretty close one to another. With all these, the sound quality is perfect. Therefore, fans from one concert will not hear the music from a different one.

The Feeling of Freedom on Site

The festival is held in the immediate closeness of Zagreb. It takes place on Lake Jarun – the Youth Island (Otok Hrvatske Mladezi). The entire place is well organized, with small restaurants, toilets, first aid centers, and informative points. Although they can find accommodation in Zagreb, many fans choose to live in the camping area during the festival.

Aside from the actual festival, international tourists can also engage into local excursions. Zagreb is rated among the most beautiful capitals in Europe, not to mention the surroundings. Excursions are organized on a daily basis.

Entry Fee for INmusic Festival

Festival tickets: €47

Camping tickets: €27

Daily tickets: €40

Venue for for INmusic Festival 2015

Lake Jarun, The Youth Island (Otok Hrvatske Mladezi), Zagreb, Croatia

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