Kiruna Snow Festival: Matchless Fun on Snow and amidst Northern Lights

Do you love to snow and wish to have fun on it by participating in one of the snow festivals 2015? Well, if yes, then consider being a part of the Kiruna Snow Festival this time. The festival is celebrated to welcome the winter season and is held for 5-6 days, each day witnessing many exciting snowy events in the last week of January in Kiruna. This city is nestled just above the Arctic Circle, thus, claiming to be the Sweden’s most northerly city.

Snow Festival 2015

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Each year in the nadirs of the Arctic winter, the Swedes throw a white party with largest snow festival Europe held under the grand sponsorship of the northern lights. At this latitude, the daylight hours are very limited in winter and the colorful darkness enlivens the festival that is illuminated by large lamps. The darkness is colorful as the city remains the under the red, green, blue, and purple spotlights during the night. When January strikes, the customary winter activities tend to float up, especially through this fest.

Origin of this snow festival

The festival first started in the year 1985 during which the city conducted a space-themed snow-sculpting contest to concur with the imminent launch of the Viking satellite. Since then, the contest evolved each year to result in multi-day exciting activities, now attracting both artists and tourists.

Fun-filled Attractions for Families

Kiruna snow festival

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The main event of contest is held even today but is now formally called the Swedish Snow Sculpting Championship. In this event, more than 50 teams get started with a 10X10ft block of solid snow and create their masterpieces with the help of chisels, hammers, and saws over a period of four days, near the town hall. The teams always come up with uniquely remarkable ice carving molds that are then showcased in open air for the spectators to admire their sparkling mastery.

snow festivals 2015

(Photo credits: Fredo)

Apart from that, the festival features a variety of winter activities for both kids and adults of all ages. Held amidst the stunning panorama are the daily events such as skiing, snowmobile displays, ice-skating, and snowboarding. With the temperature dropping to -10°C, the River Torne gets converted into ice to form a natural skating rink. You can even enjoy more traditional events such as dog sled and reindeer races. Kids can ride ponies, be a contestant in different snow games, or prefer a bit more adventurous ride on a mini snowmobile.

Apart from the games and fun rides, the town goes live at night with profligate parties being held in big ice igloos, a few of which are large enough to accommodate hundreds of people together. The snow land becomes a feast land in no time after sunset. For most actionable experience, the Winterland area is where you should be. Pick up a few local handicrafts or be a part of a free concert. Music and laughter make the streets alive. You can even be a part of an unplanned sing-a-long!

So, are you ready to experience this snow festival 2015, one of the most exciting and rocking Europe festivals 2015? While there are several contests, the fiesta is more than a spectator gala!

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