London – the best things in life are free

You can probably spend a fortune cruising in and out of shops in central London, and maybe you find yourself amongst people who consider a pricetag to be the only true gurantee of a certain value in life. If you can rid yourself of these thoughts for a weekend you will spend next to nothing and still return home enriched. This is what we propose:

Hyde park – the lungs of London

Hyde ParkWhen visiting a foreign city nothing feels more genuine than spending a day at a place where local residents go. There is sometimes a tiresome feeling connected with being a simple-minded, predictable tourist and when you yearn to be submerged into someone else´s everyday life, Hyde park is the place. Spend the sunday afternoon strolling or jogging through the lungs of London. There are vast areas to discover if you want your hips to have a go. Or make it only about leisure and find a suitable place to sit or lay down and contemplate. There are plenty of lawns, trees, benches, ponds and chairs to choose from. Take the opportunity to study ducks, squirrels or people with balls. Reminisce the scene from Trainspotting where Renton and Sick Boy spends a sunny afternoon practising target shooting. Let your mind wander and only raise your head from time to time to check out the beautiful and harmonious surroundings. It´s free and it´s open to everybody.

Science Museum

Exhibition Road, South Kensington. If you get bored hanging in parks, the rain starts pouring down or you just don´t find humans and squirrels interesting enough, visit the Science Museum. Yes, it´s also free! And it´s really interesting. Exploring space through full-size replicas is a surprising yet promising experience. A more down to earth kind of encounter would be taking a picture of yourself seated on a space toilet (with trousers on). To awaken a feeling of gratitude take part of the historic techniques and latest advances within medicine and health and last but not least visit the flight department. How is it possible not to fall in love when you can have a closer look at real aeroplanes suspended in the air right above your head. Art, mumified cats and other curiosities tickle your imagination and if you don´t mind sharing space with a bunch of 10-year olds, take the opportunity to have some interactive fun.

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