Make the Most of Unused Space in Your Home


Many home owners are heard complaining that they lack enough space. While the fact is, there is enough space to go around and utilizing that space needs a bit application of creativity. Often, we end up wasting hundreds of square feet that could be repurposed and freed up in creating more floor space. According to experts, there are at least 7 ways to rethink an apartment and rediscover unused space running into several square feet.

Apartment storage tips

Let us begin with some most essential yet innocuous day to day furniture. The effort is to solve the puzzle; how to make the most of unused space. Wherever you have a table, try using a trunk instead. Trunks provide good storage space while fitting comfortably in the same floor area that a table might otherwise fit. In holding plates, cups, and other items they are excellent. But this substitution, works well for coffee tables, end tables, and bedside tables. The idea is fine conversion of cubic space into positive storage space. So, make it a point to insert the trunks in a main living area with items that might be required periodic pull out when guests drop in so that digging in closets and other places can be avoided.

Maximize the bed

Another wonderful home object is bed—where alternative uses can be extrapolated as a couch and vice-versa. Rethinking furniture can save tons of space and free up an entire room for multiple use and easy storage. To optimize bed capacity, use bed risers. Turn pillows into great investment avenues and double them up as floor mats. Sit cross-legged on the floor as in elementary school and give yourself an excuse to re-engage in that nostalgia. Seats as Storage: Those loving ottoman can double it up as footrests. But if you don’t, better buy folding chairs.

Creative use of ceiling, walls, doors and windows

Use Walls: Why not insert command clips on the walls and hang things from them. Magnets are perfect for smaller items for installing new shelves. Reflect on the technique by many companies in using cubicles for creating an illusion of extra space for the egotistic managers. It is possible to spend a couple of standing plywood sheets to make an office like space at the side of your bed too. Doors: Doors in modern apartments are pivoting walls that can double up as storage space. It gives the option to keep things hidden behind them. Like the ladder they will offer the upper-wall shelf for easy installing of another shelf. Ceiling: Ceiling in an apartment can be the fifth wall. Use it for hanging clothing racks or even hanging a TV that might eat space on your floor. Windows: Windowsills are grand for putting plants and if a drop-down screen is there it will be doubly rejoicing.

Optimze each room

Bathroom: Innovation is called on bathrooms where bathtubs are a wasted space. Start using waterproof containers and hang things from shower door. Take down towel racks and add more shelving space. Better use of rooms can do wonders. Use nesting tables, separable furniture that can be placed around a room. Instead of a large dining table that eats up space, may smaller furniture placed around a couch will keep a room clear and less congested.

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