Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Soviet Arcade Machines

This is the second post in our “Beyond Europe” theme where we write about interesting travel experiences outside the borders of Europe. As the title suggests, the topic will be about games. Many of us have tried an arcade machine or two in our lives. The ‘coin-up’ industry, starting with the game Pong was huge in the United States during the 1970’s. Kids would go to large arcade halls to spend their quarters on games like PacMan, DigDug, Spacewar etc. What many of us might not know though, is that on the other side of the iron curtain during the cold war, kids played arcade games too! The arcade machines of former Soviet Union have been restored and put on exhibition in Moscow’s The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. The best part? Visitors are allowed to play them!

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

When you enter the museum and pay a few rubles for the entrance you recieve a map over the arcade machines, and a box with old 15 kopek Soviet coins that you may spend as you please. If you run out of coins, you can buy more at the entrance (where there is also a restaurant). At the time of writing, the museum has around 40 machines in two floors. The machines have been restored and is generally in good order. If a machine would fail or steal your coin, you can contact the friendly staff to recieve help and a new coin.

Some of our favourite games include:

  • Hockey. Similar to western table hockeys. Control the Big Red Machine and outscore your friend’s team!
  • Sea Battle. As a submarine commander, use your periscope to aim, and sink enemy ships with torpedos.
  • Tank-training Area. An odd, but innovative game where you control toy tanks to shoot other tanks. Make sure to read the instructions for this game before you try it.
  • Lucky Shot: One of many enjoyable shooters at the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines.

More info:

The museum is located at: Moscow, Kuznecky most, 12

We recommend a visit at the museum’s official web page. There you can try a digitalized copy of one of the games, Morskoi boi.

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