Roskilde Festival – Culture & Art Taken To The Next Level

First organized in 1971 by two high school students, the Roskilde Festival from Denmark counts hundreds of bands these days, as well as over 130,000 visitors, dozens of thousands of volunteers and many press representatives. In 2015, the festival will open up on June 27th and will close on July 4th.

Overview on Roskilde Festival 2015

Paul McCartney, Disclosure, Muse, Mew and Pharrell Williams are just some of the leading names attending the Roskilde Festival in 2015. The festival is held on a yearly basis in the small town of Roskilde – about 30 minutes away from Copenhagen. Ever since it was created, the festival has focused on culture, music and humanism. Profits are handed over at the end of the festival. Starting with 2014, the organization gives attendees the opportunity to vote which foundation should receive the earnings. Until the ’90s, it was more popular among Scandinavians. The past decade brings in a decent influx of foreigners too, especially from Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sensing the Culture and Art

The first four days of the Roskilde Festival invite attendees to join the party and taste the Danish nightlife. There are plenty of sports activities available, such as street soccer or beach volley. Some people choose to engage into relaxing activities, while others can just as well feel the vibe with some beers in their hands.

The art zone spreads over 6,400 square meters. Experience, enjoy and look at 2015’s art tasks and projects. Architecture, lights, performance and street art are only some of the few elements that you can engage into and admire.

Exploring the Dream City

The Dream City is one of the representative elements of the Roskilde Festival. The audience driven community is established on the central camping area – campsite H. Everything in this overnight city is established by others visitors who contribute to the area with their own specific ideas. Monuments, pillow fights and games are welcome in this area. As long as you come up with a safe and sustainable idea, give others the opportunity to enjoy your idea or get involved into others’ ideas.

The Dream City community is based on sustainability, fun and collaboration. Do not overlook the Maker area either. Hosted by MADE Festival, it is specifically established for those who want to engage into all kinds of DIY projects.

Entry Fee for Roskilde Festival 2015

  • 1940 DKK for the whole festival
  • 980 DKK for one day, except the first four days
  • 420 DKK for children aged 10 to 14
  • Free for children under 10


Darupvej 19, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark

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