Rotsidan is a 4 km long area along the High Coast. The area is characterized by far reaching stones / cliffs along the coast line. These stones have been polished by the sea for several thousand years. The area can be enjoyed during a warm summer day as well as during a stormy fall evening. Summer time, several people goes to Rotsidan to take a bath and enjoy the sun. Together with the Slåttdal crevice and Skule mountain, Rotsidan is easily on our top-three spots of the High Coast region.

You can access the nature reserve of Rotsidan by leaving the main road E4 towards Nordingrå. Follow the brown signs to Barsta, and then Rotsidan. In this area you can also find the old fishing camp of Bönhamn.

Vegetation at Rotsidan

The stones consists of porous diabase. The water is constantly polishing the area. No vegetation except for some algae exist near the water, but further up you can study the unique “Strandtrav” plant that only exists in this coastal area. The pine forest becomes more dense, the further away from the ocean you get. The forest is relatively untouched, except for a few cutting areas.

Stone rubble

In the nature reserve there exist a large amount of stone rubble. These stones have been worn against each other by the sea, and slowly been raised together with the land (the land in the high coast is raised about 85 cm per 100 years). The stones are flushed out from the moraine left behind from the ice age. The stones are gathered in larger pits in the ground, and finer materials has been left further out. The largest stone rubbels in the area are Brännvinsmalen, Rödmalen and Vitstensmalen.  The stones in these fields often have traces of green lichen on them.

Easy access

Despite the ocean showing its force here, Rotsidan is an area that is easy to access, for young and adults. The stones are flat and easy to walk on, and are suitable for laying down and catch the sun on. A toilet for persons with disabilities can be found in the area.

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