Salon du Chocolat Paris: Soak Yourself into the Chocolate Fantasy

Travel to Europe at and you will hardly come back without attending some kind of celebration or gala. Europe is truly the land of diverse festivals reflecting the live spirit of various cultures and traditions. Out of several traditions followed here, the jolliest one is of savoring chocolates, attracting people of all ages, right from kids to elderly. This tradition is best reflected through the tempting Europe festival of Salon du Chocolat.


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Overview on Salon du Chocolat :

Celebrated in Paris since 1994 in Port de Versailles, Salon du Chocolat is one of the most fascinating festivals attracting all those who are passionate about dark chocolates. Paris is a city packed with chocolate shops serving the taste buds of tourists and locals alike but at the end of October, the port town of Versailles itself converts into a small chocolate world to celebrate Salon du Chocolat.

Paris Chocolate Show

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Literally meaning the Salon of Chocolate, Salon du Chocolat is commonly interpreted as the Paris Chocolate Show, an annual trade fair commemorating the international chocolate industry. Regarded as the daddy of chocolate fiestas, the festival embraces the vast venue of Versailles in the form of stalls whimpering with delicacies and volunteering samples for tasting and buying.

During the Salon du Chocolat Festival :

Now celebrating 20 years, this Europe festival 2014 will increase the coverage area from 12,500 to 20,000 square meters to double the fun of sweet treats. Versailles, as the chocolaty centre, will welcome and unites big chocolate and pastry brands in Pavilion 5.2/5.3, while the new Pavilion 5.1 will be the sweet address of confectionery treats for relishing the taste buds of all foodies.


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The internationally reusable brands, such as Ferrero Rocher, Nestle, and Guylian govern the areas nearest to the entry point. As you move further, you are likely to be delighted by boutique brands and more premium chocolate offerings. You will also find a good modicum of non-chocolate delights, such as nougats, macarons, meringues, and marshmallows for a sugary treat.

Nevertheless, the focal point of the Salon is chocolate, and it gives an opportunity to locals and tourists to learn about chocolate from different manufacturers and growing countries. Yes, you get to taste the chocolates from Tokyo, bard from Switzerland, and beans from Vietnam as well as to learn about them from the makers available to meet and talk.

Manufacturers from different countries such as Italy, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam, and other states offer their products through over 400 stands. During the fair, dozens of chocolate makers illustrate their renewals and the series of sweet products along with the production chain, right from choosing cocoa beans to different processing methods for fulfilling diverse needs.

Salon du Chocolat

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Triggering a huge level of excitement even at the smallest stall in this big chocolaty exhibition, the stalls are full of world-famous or honored chocolates such as Pacari, Cadbury, and Ferrero Rocher. If lucky, you will also get a chance to meet their founders and congratulate them for their awesome flavor.


Le Salon du Chocolat Paris is truly a spectacular burlesque of mixed bag of chocolates. With real chocolate treasures, this annual feast is truly pacifying for the senses, as it is analogous to receiving a chocolate box as a gift, which is highly rewarding for the chocoholics. It is a sweet party for anyone who loves to taste several types as well as forms of pure chocolaty delights.

If you have not been a part of any chocolate tour in any part of the world, this Europe festival is a great opportunity for you!

Salon du Chocolat 2014 Date: October 29 to November 2, 2014

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