Skule Mountain


The mighty Skule mountain (Sw: Skuleberget) rises up next to the main road “E4” next to the village of Docksta. The mountain is almost 300 m above the ocean. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the High Coast region. Since it resides next to the main road, Skule mountain is accessible with car, and you can combine a visit here with, for example, a hiking trip to the Slåttdal crevice from the South Entrance “entré syd” to the Skule forest National park, which is also located next to the E4.

Master the Skule mountain

There is several ways of reaching the summit of the Skule mountain:

  • Climbing through Via Ferrata
  • Cable railway
  • Hiking

At the top of the mountain, a cabin is located. You can buy coffee and light food here during the summer season.


We strongly recommend to climb up the Skule mountain. It gives a nice adrelanine rush combined with a nice nature experience, and a view out of the ordinary. Feel how your body becomes one with the mountain when you climb up the wires. From the top you can enjoy the view of the High Coast archipelago.

The Robbers’ cave

If you choose to hike to the top (or down, after climbing) you can visit the Robbers’ cave, also known as the King’s cave, or Skule cave. According to local history, the cave was inhabited by local robbers during the 17th century. The robbers targeted the nearby villages and travelling salesmen. The “cave” is not really a cave, but rather a small recess in the mountain.

At the foot of the Skule mountain, a tourist information desk and a restaurant is located. You can park your car here and receive more information about the mountain and the High Coast area. For those who does not like heights, there are several hiking trails, and nordic skiing trails near the mountain. You will also find tourist spots such as the Robbers’ village and the Outdoor village nearby. You can resupply your stock in the village of Docksta, where you also can find accommodation. During the winter, the Skule mountain is turned into a spot for downhill skiing, with four slopes.

Accommodation near Skule mountain

Docksta Hotell

Docksta Hostel & Camping

Villa Orrbacken



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