Spend a night onboard a Jumbo Jet: Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

If you want to spend a night near Stockholm’s Airport, Arlanda, why not combine it with a unique experience? At Jumbo Stay you can live onboard a real Jumbo Jet Airplane!

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Cockpit suite with Panorama view

Rooms vary from simpler accommodation with shared bathroom and toilets to private rooms and a luxury suit in the plane’s converted cockpit. From the cockpit you have a panoramic view of the airport. No matter what price range you choose, Jumbo Stay offers you an unique experience.

Hostel info

The hostel has 76 beds in 27 rooms. The rooms are about 6 square meters, 3 meters to the ceiling. From here, you have a short walk (~10min) to Arlanda Airport, and you can also take the bus that circulates the area for free (bus labeled “ALFA”, it passes Jumbo Stay every 15th minute).

The airplane also holds a conference room with comfortable flight seets. Why not book a first class conference?

For an extra fee, you can get a guided tour of the airplane, which include a walk on the wing. Don’t forget to jump a bit while out on the wing, to test the stability and “swing” of the 747 aluminum!

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Facts about the Jumbo Jet

The Jumbo Stay airplane is a Boeing 747-212B that was manufactured in 1976. It was named “Liv” after the owner’s daughter (it also means “life” in Swedish, a pure coincidence). Originally it belonged to Singapore Airlines. Before it ended up at Swedish Transjet it belonged to a number of companies, including the legendary Pan Am. The conversion to a hostel started in 2006 when the owner, Oscar Diös, was in thoughts about expanding his hostel company. When he heard about an old airplane being for sale at Arlanda he came up with the idea of Jumbo Stay. Jumbo Stay was officially opened in 2009. That very same year it won a couple of awards, such as “best new hotel” and “best hostel 2009”.

The Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 airplane was first manufactured by Boeing and commercially flown in 1970. The 747 replaced the common 707 which was one of the common large airplanes in the 1960’s. By August 2015, more than 1500 747’s had been built.

More info: Jumbo Stay’s official site.

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