The High Coast Bridge


The High Coast Bridge is a mighty piece of architecture that you pass if you drive on the main road, E4, between the city of Härnösand and the village of Ullånger. The building of the bridge was initiated in 1993 and was finished in 1997. The Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco was used as a role model. With its 180 meter above the water surface, the High Coast Bridge is one of the tallest buildings in Sweden. The span of the bridge is the longest in Sweden, with its 1210 meters. At the north pylon of the bridge you can find the High Coast Hotel.

Prior to the existence of the High Coast Bridge, heavy vehicles had to drive a 40 kilometer reroute to pass the river (on the still operational Sandö Bridge). From a technical standpoint, the High Coast Bridge is advanced, with complex work both under and far above the water surface. The project cost was 2,1 billion Swedish crowns.

Facts about the High Coast Bridge:

Length: 1800m
Width: 17,8 m
Height: 180m

Concrete:: 40 000 m³
Steell : 14 000 ton
Steel wire: 8 500 ton
Soil: 50 000 m³
Stone: 20 000 m³
Maximum sail height: 40 m
Span between the pylons: 1 210 m
Surface treatment / paint: 60 000 m²

If you drive the E4 north, you will pass the High Coast Bridge about 20 km north of Härnösand, or a few kilometers south of Ullånger. We can recommend a stop at the High Coast Hotel to enjoy some coffee, enjoy the view and why not spend a night or two at the most popular accommodation in the area? Don’t forget to bring the camera. The High Coast Bridge is a perfect picture, independent of weather, time of year, and angle!

South and north of the bridge, you find connection roads to the inland. If you are driving in winter, be careful since the snow clearance is not perfect here, and accidents do happen.

Accommodation near the High Coast Bridge:

High Coast Hotel

Björkuddens hotel and restaurant

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