Tips To Avoid OverPaying For Your Hotel Rooms

Making travel a sumptuous experience needs better planning and smart money management. In this online explosion of unlimited travel and hotel deal websites, losing money is unpardonable.

As we know, travel budgets are upset by unbalanced hotel costs and there minimum 5 reasons why people overpay hotel rooms!

Hasty hotel booking –three months in advance

Booking a hotel, many months a trip will cause paying the highest rate as hotel managers have a tendency to keep the prices high based on positive forecasts. That will cause at least 25 percent over charges on the room than the market rate.

Paying more for extra features like “good view”

Rooms with extra features or better views are charged more. Once in the hotel, it is easy to switch to a better one because changing a room is always free of charge.

Poor homework before booking

Many travelers do not bother to do homework before booking a hotel. They could have checked discounts from the web, and current rates and could have compared to sure you are paying for what is worth.

Booked for cheapest price without details

Getting crazy for the cheapest price on a hotel room can lead to regrets later. There is a very wise Spanish saying– “lo barato sale car”, meaning, cheap things end up expensive in the long run. Before getting thrilled at the insanely low prices better read every single word in the description! Else, it will be like the cheap fare ads of some airline services.

Never used hotel discounter sites like Trip Rebel

There is some website like Trip Rebel, which offers the best rates for a room of booked through the site. When a hotel in their listings can offer a better deal, they will inform the user and a booking can be made with good benefit to the customer.

When a hotel room is booked right in the heart of the city, it costs twice the amount of staying in a hotel that might be a few kilometers away from the CBD.

Any online-centric visitor will know that there are tons of great deals in travel and hospitality industry. If you stay repeatedly in the same hotel each time you travel and have good relations with the managers and reservation desk personnel they will offer a better rate. That can be good savings.

Bundle all Travel essentials

Do make sure to bundle travel essentials by using websites like Expedia whereby cheap airfare, hotel reservation, car rentals can be put together in a single package to save good money.

Also, consider other stay options such as Motels, Hostels and apartment hotels in London. As most vacation destinations have plenty of other lodging options, locating cheap hostels with better conveniences that can rival budget hotels will not be hard.

Such expeditions are also the gateway to earning memorable experience by camping at campgrounds with showers, pools, play areas for kids and other amenities at a fraction of the cost in a hotel.

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Lana Marshall

Lana Marshall has worked as Space Apart Hotel for over seven years and has extensive knowledge of both the serviced apartments and the rental studio property market.


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