Leading The Way – An Incursion That Will Change My Life

There is something absurdly easy in travelling; it’s the natural metamorphosis of the feeling of belonging. We don’t fight it; we let it run its course and then the idea of unlimited possibilities lights the quiescence of thought. The image of running landscapes and passive faces brings back the joy of being anonymous. We relish the blank space between us and those who look at us. Freedom is the eye that can’t see the limits. Whatever is beyond, we’re bound to get it.

Lovely Poland

(Photo Credits: steff808)

Travelling To Lovely Czech Republic

These were my first thoughts when I entered Prague and saw the actual magnificence of the place. I crossed Charles Bridge over Vltava admiring the artists that exhibited their works on the bridge. It was a lovely traffic on it. Mostly people admired the running course of Vltava under their feet while feeling protected by the St. Vitus Cathedral. I first wanted to talk to all the people there, as if we shared something, as if the fact of being there is such a common joy.

Charles bridge, Praque

(Photo Credits: joanbip)

Then there was Petrin Hill that reminded me of a safe place to be. I mostly enjoyed the stillness and the quietude of the park. I realised it was a great place to add to my memory when thinking back to Prague.

Travelling To Musical Austria

It wasn’t easy to leave the place; I had to head for my next destination. I only left the place thinking that there are some more surprises for me on the road. And, after all, it’s not a goodbye. My next stop was Salzburg. I entered the town half expecting to hear Mozart’s symphonies on the streets. Even though I could not hear them on the street, they were in my head. Of course, the first place I saw was Mozart’s birthplace. I reached Getreidegasse as soon as possible, imagining all sorts of scenarios. The place got filled with memory; many objects belonging to Mozart were in place, and interesting information was at hand.

I left the place with Mozart’s notes still in my head and reached Salzburg Cathedral. The baroque building immediately fascinated me. After learning some details about it, such as the fact that it was dedicated to Saint Rupert and Vergilius. There were so many other references from that place pointing to other amazing places. I could only remember them for my next trip. The last place I saw in Salzburg is the historic centre. Walking down the streets of Salzburg and knowing part of its history was one of the most enticing experiences I ever had. Guides invited me to all sorts of places, such as the Hohensalzburg Castle, the Franciscan Church, St. Peter’s Abbey and so on. I could only visit them in the back of my mind since I was on the road again heading for Maribor. Choosing this city was not an easy task. Except for Prague, I hesitated in choosing only the great locations such as Vienna or Rome.

Travelling To Exquisite Slovenia

I found Maribor lovely. It was my first time in Slovenia, so I had no idea what i should look. I was very glad I made this decision. I first visited Maribor mansion, taking my time to wander around the museum inside it. Someone pointed out that another attraction for me could be the medieval walls that surround the old city.



(Photo Credits: Ancher10)

I was instantly happy with the idea seeing that I preferred not to research it beforehand. I discovered the places as I walked through them, sometimes receiving information on an interesting castle, sometimes on wine cellars. Yes, it happened. The Vintage wine cellar seemed to be quite an attraction; I did not want to miss it.It’s funny how many details can such a place evoke.

Travelling To Gothic Croatia

As the next day arrived, so was my train. My last destination was Rijeka, Croatia. The first thing I wanted to learn there was how to spell the name properly. Being the third largest city in Croatia, I expected quite a lot from it, and it did not disappoint me. To my surprise, there was another cathedral dedicated to St. Vitus, but quite different.



(Photo Credits: fuzzytraveler)

The cathedral was a Romanesque building, so unlike the one in Prague,which evoked so vividly the gothic Middle Ages. There was another air to this one; it was elegant and more subtle. People I encountered there insisted I should also see the sanctuary of the Lady of Trust (another name I had to learn how to spell). It was the last thing I could visit in Croatia, but it was up to my expectations. I saw the burning candles of the sanctuary and felt the mystique of the place.

I could also say there was a certain mystique to my entire trip. The memories are abundant and the want to go back is more present than ever. I left the places with a promise in mind: even if I am not able to come back someday, I will always visit them in memory.

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