Uppsala – food for both thought and plate

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. It has almost 150 000 inhabitants and is located 70 km north of Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala cathedral (Swedish: Uppsala domkyrka) is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, as tall as it´s long – 118,7 metres. It was built around 1270 but due to lack of money, cold climate and outbreaks of plague another 165 years passed before it was finally consecrated in 1435.

Uppsala cathredal

The cathedral, built of bricks with columns made of limestone from Gotland, has undergone major renovations due to several fires, but also as a result of Sweden leaving the Roman Catholic Church during the reign of Gustav Vasa (King Gustav I) 1523-1560. At the end of the 19th century ideals changed and the cathedral was renovated in neo-Gothic style.

The Treasury holds one of Europe´s finest collection of medieval church fabrics together with the reliquary shrine of Eric the Holy and a pulpit from the Baroque period. Both Gustav Vasa and his son Johan III are buried here alongside swedish celebrities such as Olof Rudbeck, Carl Linneaeus and Nathan Söderblom. In 2009 Fratelli Ruffati´s organ was inaugurated. The organ has 69 stops, 4 065 pipes and 37 bells. For information concerning concerts visit  www.uppsaladomkyrka.se.

Carolina Rediviva

Not far from the cathedral you will find Carolina Rediviva, which is home to Sweden’s oldest university library, founded in 1620. Originally three stories high it has about 5 million books and 3,500 shelf meters of handwritten documents. Walking through the entrance, you will reach the exhibition room where you can see the famous Silver Bible from the 6th century, musical notations made by Mozart, medieval manuscripts and Olaus Magnus’ Carta Marina, printed in 1539.

Restaurants, bars and cafés

When time has come for some corporeal satisfaction, you will find everything from small bars and cosy pubs to modern nightclubs and classic restaurants. Traditional Swedish kitchen or a variety of dishes from every corner of the world is available and Uppsala is proud to present eight restaurants in this year´s edition of the White Guide. Alongside Uppsala´s student nations you find bars and pubs for beer-lovers and music enthusiasts together with traditional bake shops and modern cafés. Bon appétit and mucho gusto!

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