What To Do When The Water Makes You ill On Holiday

To start with, when planning your holiday, you should assume that you may have an adverse reaction to the water in another country. It may not be poisonous or filled with bacteria unless you are going to a very poor area, but your system may not be accustomed to it. Here is what you do if you are affected by it.

If you are ill because of the water

You may feel unwell, but that is not considered illness. If you have a fever, vomiting, or severe headaches, then you are ill and you need to find medical help. If you are showing signs of an upset stomach, feeling groggy, or any mild symptoms, and you may assume that the water doesn’t agree with you. If your symptoms start to become more serious then you are ill.

Being ill means there is a biological element beyond the water, such as a virus, contamination or bacteria at work. There is little you can do on your own unless you are willing to risk letting it run its course. If it runs its course, then it could kill you, or you could have a really bad time but recover. It is better to attend a doctor and have yourself diagnosed properly.

Remember that if it is a virus, you are pretty much on your own. A doctor or hospital can help you survive and can help alleviate the symptoms of your illness, but if it is a virus then your body has to fight it alone. There are no antibiotics that can attack a water-born virus. Your body will have to deal with it and you will have to keep your fingers crossed that this virus isn’t the one that takes you out.

 What if I am only upset by the water?

There are numerous fields of thought on this one, but the priority is to get water inside you. Except this time, you need to get water from bottles. Do not drink more tap water in case it is the water that is causing the problem. Drink bottled water and try to stay as hydrated as possible.

If you are really having trouble keeping your fluids down, then it may be a very bad sign. Become too dehydrated and you will need to go to the doctors or hospital. Try to keep down as much water as you can. It will not help you feel better, but it will help you fight the problem a lot quicker.

Some consider it to be flushing your system, which is half true; the other half is that your body needs a lot of water if you are ill in any way. You should eat if you can, but avoid too much. Eat smaller things at random intervals. If you keep it down, then wait around two hours before trying again. The key to your success is keeping the water and the small amount of food in you. If you are having trouble with diarrhea, then only take pills for it if it’s causing you big problems. Otherwise, let your body flush your body waste in whatever way it sees fit, so long as that way isn’t vomit.

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