Welcome to the High Coast of Sweden

Höga Kusten

The year is 1732. A young Carl Linnaeus with company is riding through the village of Docksta. He describes a

“…terrifying and large mountain, called Skuleberget, in which there was a cave. I felt like entering it, but the locals said it was impossible. With a vast effort and some strong men that showed me the way, we climbed and crawled along the cliffs, grabbing what we could along the way. One missed step would have meant actum de vita nostra.”

Skuleberget, or Skule Mountain is just one part of what the High Coast of Sweden has to offer. At this web site you can read about our favourites and pearls in the area. In addition to the High Coast, we also write about other interesting places nearby. Browse our site and read more about accommodation, history, nature, tourist attractions, exercise and sports and similar topics.

Unexploited nature

How to describe the High Coast? For starters, it is not pure wilderness: you often have access to traces of modern civilization. The area is not dense populated, yet not empty of people. It is a tourist area, but not heavily exploited. Some service exists, but not 365 days a year. The best way of travelling through the High Coast is by your own mode of transport, such as car, bicycle, boat or kayak.


In the High Coast area there are plenty of good accommodations. Use the search box on this site to find hotels, hostels or similar accommodations. Choose a date, and you will receive a list of opportunities to stay a few nights, in a range of different prices.

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